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Car safety is incredibly important, whether you drive yourself, with the family or with your dog. The fact that everyone sits safely is of the utmost importance, even your four-footed friend. Today, lots of different types of dog cages are sold, unfortunately they are rarely crash tested. This can pose a great danger in the event of an accident because the dog cage is not stuck properly, is crash-proof or does not protect the dog in an optimal way. However, choosing dog cages that are safe is not the easiest, yet there is a fairly large market. The question is also - what cages are really safe and have crash tests?

A dog cage should be safe for several reasons. One of the most important reasons, of course, is that the dog should sit safely and comfortably, but also other passengers in the car. You probably feel the risk of loose goods in the car. Should a collision occur, loose objects will continue to travel at the same speed while the car has stopped. This increases the risk of being hit by something at high speed. The power is huge and the consequences can be fatal. By investing in a crash-tested and safe dog cage, everyone in the whole family can sit safely and enjoy the car journey.

Crash-tested dog cages - important to you and your dog

There are many recognized brands in the market for dog cages and a popular alternative is Mim Variocage. From this brand you have the opportunity to choose between several types of roads, a safe variant is Variocage. This off-road is very safe when it is compressed in collision, just like the front of a car. By pushing something together in a collision, the cage gets a kind of shock absorption, something that protects the dog. At the same time, the cages are shatterproof and have an emergency door. The door is kept open by means of a gas damper. The cage has similar safety technology to that of people in a car. In addition, the cage interior is provided with rust protection. How many dogs you have are cages to choose from in many sizes, for one or more dogs.

To be completely safe, Variocage has been secured in accordance with the SPCT (Safe Pet Crate Test), a rigorous safety test.

Important to remember but easy to forget

When the summer finally comes, there are several long car trips waiting for many, maybe you are going on your own on a car trip or going out to the summer cottage? In order for everyone to sit and go comfortably, it is important that your dog also gets fresh water with him on the journey, check that the bowl is filled and that the air is ventilated. And remember to never leave the dog in the car on a hot summer day.

Mim Care2 Large Grå
4 400 kr
Mim variocage single cage XS-00376
4 613 kr 4 910 kr
Mim variocage single cage Large
4 749 kr 5 090 kr
Mim variocage single cage XL
5 365 kr 5 725 kr
Mim variocage single cage maximum
7 380 kr 8 120 kr
Mim Double Cage Small
6 811 kr 7 235 kr
Mim Double Cage Medium
7 061 kr 7 530 kr
Mim Double Cage Large
7 310 kr 7 730 kr
Mim Double Cage XL
7 560 kr 8 100 kr
Mim double cage XXL
7 935 kr 8 530 kr
Mim double cage Maxiumum
11 072 kr 12 055 kr
Dog cage Artfex small 10001
2 949 kr 3 050 kr
Dog cage Artfex small LT (load threshold) 10010
3 049 kr 3 250 kr
Dog cage Artfex Medium 10002
3 199 kr 3 450 kr
Dog cage Artfex medium LT (load threshold) 10011
3 449 kr 3 650 kr
Dog cage Artfex medium wide 10004
3 449 kr 3 650 kr
Dog cage Artfex Medium wide gable opening 10013
3 649 kr 3 850 kr
Dog cage Artfex Large 10003
3 649 kr 3 850 kr
Dog cage Artfex double cage 10005
5 995 kr 6 350 kr
Artfex safety harness 10020
374 kr 375 kr